Mercury Specialty Products
Trusted for Quality & Service

MSP is North America’s leading source for advanced processing of tube forms, metal fabrication, welding and assembly of fabricated structures.



Since 1996, Mercury Specialty Products (MSP) has grown from a six-employee shop in 5,000 sq. ft. to a leading fabrication company operating out of two locations with more than 42,000 sq. ft. and employing over 50 people. As a startup, we specialized in producing grab bars and hand rails for the healthcare industry, which led to MSP becoming a leader in tube fabrication throughout North America.

Now we offer full-service metal fabrication for a diverse customer base in a variety of sectors including agricultural equipment, transportation, heavy equipment, and more. Our formula for success has come through strategic investments in technologically advanced equipment, as well as a commitment to outstanding quality, innovation and exemplary customer service.

We’re grateful to our customers who trust us with every new contract awarded. With each milestone in the history of the company, we look to improve our capacity and capability, adhering to our three principles: communication, teamwork and responsibility.

How We Work


We recognize that most metal fabricators are all working with similar tools. Where MSP stands out is in our communication and responsiveness with clients. We take pride in providing fast responses to any of our client’s concerns or needs, knowing we’re fully committed to solving any problem that arises. At MSP we strive to assist customers to improve process, rather than simply processing an order.


MSP is a progressive company with a team approach. Knowing our customers’ priorities is vital, and we’re eager to pick up the phone to work out any issues that may arise. Our team has innovative and thoughtful solutions that impact the bottom line and the success of your project.

What We Stand For



We will safely and ethically achieve the highest standards in operations and client experience.



We will reflect the unique needs of our diverse community in our approach, services and the ways in which we deliver our products and services.



We will be responsible to our clients, partners, and employees for all decisions and actions.


We are more than just the sum of our parts. MSP maintains a team of dedicated managers, supervisors, and skilled professionals. It takes a variety of talents to navigate, not only the twists and turns of our business, but our customers’ expectations as well. That’s why we place such a strong focus on customer relations in order to ensure rapid response, effective communication and total satisfaction.