MSP Welcomes Ukrainians to the Team

In 2022, Mercury Specialty Products (MSP) was approached by a recruiter from Myrowich Staffing Agency to see if we needed new employees as there was an influx of newly arrived Ukrainians to Manitoba. Many of these newcomers were seeking employment and came with great skills. Mercury happened to have several vacancies for welders, and we were eager to fill the positions as soon as possible.

The recruiter confirmed they had at least one suitable candidate that was available for an interview. However, when the recruiter arrived, he had not one but five Ukrainian candidates for the interview. Amazingly, all five candidates passed the skills assessments, and we were thrilled to offer jobs to all of them.

We still needed one more worker who could speak English fluently. It took a few days to vet candidates and have them take the skills assessment, and in the end, we were able to add two more Ukrainian candidates and one had great English language skills.

“Since joining our team, the Ukrainian employees have made a significant impact on Mercury’s operations and their skills and expertise have helped us grow our capacity,” said MSP President, Michael Lee. “It has truly been a win-win for all, and we were pleased to assist in a situation that was grim for these newcomers.”

Myrowich Staffing Agency is a Winnipeg-based that helps Ukrainian connect with local businesses. We are grateful that the company was able to make several successful placements that helped us prosper.

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