Offering precision cutting, bending and assembly of metal parts and components — available for low volume or high volume — we provide consistent quality parts. With experienced technicians working in a variety of mediums we’re able to customize a parts plan that meets your specific needs.

Machining and Fabrication




Power Press

260 tonne press

Brake Press

Safan Darley e-brake fully automated

  • 14’ bed length
  • Fully electric
  • 250 tonne



Used to machine chamfers, id, od grooving and other complex angles.

Also used widely in the MSP in-house fixture development program.



13” high X 18” wide capacity at 90 degrees

3 hp motor

1” blade


FaroArm is a portable coordinate measuring machine (CMM).

Allows MSP to verify the product quality by performing 3D inspections, CAD comparison, dimensional analysis, reverse engineering and much more.

In use since 2008.

CMM: Romer

PCDMIS loaded to inspect complex welding assemblies. DOCX loaded to inspect intricate tube bends.

uniPoint data management

NCR/CAR PAR managed by uniPoint

Gauge calibration records maintained

Tool/equipment list

Maintenance records (preventive/breakdown)


Our capabilities include high speed tube cutting (both traditional and laser cutting), flat sheet cutting and press brake, the forming of tubes, robotic and manual welding, plus assembly of complex structures.

For tube cutting we work with diameters ranging from 0.50” up to 10.0” in outside diameter. Wall thicknesses vary up to 0.37”.

For tube bending we work with diameters ranging from .50” up to 4.0” in outside diameter. Wall thicknesses vary up to 0.25”.

Our sheet cutting capabilities extend to 1” thick material.

250 ton

No, powder painting is contracted to highly monitored outside sources.

We have two locations with over 45,000 sq. ft. of space. See Here

We employ over 50 people.

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